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Focused on Revision request
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If you have any active order with me in Fiverr or want to go for a project with me in fiverr. Then Please read this carefully. This is applied to all current or old projects/jobs/orders with me. Please read Fiverr revision terms According to this Terms I am currently offering no free revisions. Please be clear about ‘revision’ and ‘modification’

  What is a Free revision?(not free modification)

  • Free revision will be provided only for any mistake by me on the delivery, like- I promise to deliver a project but made some mistake or did not follow the requirement.

⚠️ This will not be counted under Free revision if you ask for any modification of the delivered project which was not mentioned on the requriement/before delivery. And will be charged extra.

What happen if the delivery or any part of the delivery is not projected/previewed before?

Usually I discuss and try to give a clear concept to the clients what will they get. Sometime with a preview video or image/screenshot. Any design or small matters which can be selective(like color change or font size change/sequence/duration change/speed or similar things) should be provided by the client before the delivery/at the start of the order/discussion. After Delivery This revision request will not be considered under Free Revision and I will have full rights to charge extra for that (based on the revision request I will charge from $5 and higher). This charge can be taken within the order or under a new order. If Client is not willing to pay for this, I have full right to close the order/Mark the order as completed.

-Client can not ask for a free custom preview with their content, Preview or any other sample material can be provided upon discussion. Clients can to visualize the delivery from the discussion/supplied preview.

-Suppose, I offer upto 10services/things in a gig description; but on your project/video delivery, you received 8matterials/services/things as discussed. You can not ask for the rest 2 in another revision as the final product is as per details/request.

In any condition, I will not provide source code/file of my projects with you.

— If any new/missing requirement is asked and client do not provide the details in time, I have full rights to deliver the project with the details received before. Then any further revision will be charged.

–This is applicable to all of my projects within or out of fiverr regular order.


Why I am clearing this?

— As in Fiverr, Fiverr allow buyers to ask for revisions after a delivery- no matter there is a free revision offered or not. So I am clearing the matter that which will be free or which will be charged(modifications will be charged).

Tanjia Tarin

Please be noted:

  • This website is a supporting gallery of my Workplace Fiverr
  • All order is accepted in Fiverr, you have to pay there.
  • NO OUTSIDE Communication is allowed than fiverr. So please contact me in Fiverr only. This website do not have any outside commuincation information and only contains information all related to fiverr services. More query? Free free to ask in fiverr.